If you’re into the railways of Victoria, Aurora Trains is definitely worth a look. In the past few weeks we have received some new and exciting models from south of the border, many of which are very exciting new releases, and some old returning favourites.

Locomotives include:
Auscision B Classes in mixed liveries
Auscision N Class in Orange and Grey
Auscision Walker Railcar in Blue and Gold
Eureka R Class Steam Locomotives with DCC Sound Fitted
Austrains Y Class in V-Line Orange and Grey
Rolling Stock includes
Steel Hoppers
Grain Hoppers
GH Grain Wagons
VBAX Box Vans
U Vans
TW Bogie Oil Tankers
And if there is anything specific your looking for, just let us know and we will see if it’s possible to get it for you.

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