Caboose Industries, 117R, Operating Ground Throw, Rigid .165″ Travel w/ Selectable End Fittings, HO/N Scale


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Easy Manual Turnout Control Without Touching Your Rails

Strong, self-lubricating black Delrin ground throws with external cam for strength and maximum throw. Molded on pin for direct mounting. All 100 series (Rigid) stands require modelers to fabricate a spring connecting link between the stand and the turnout. All 200 series units (Sprung) have internal springs so they can be connected directly to the turnout throwbar. Measurements indicate the maximum amount of side-to-side travel when the lever is thrown.

Requires modelers to fabricate a spring-connecting link between the stand and the turnout. Operating ground throws include five different connectors: flat blade for Roco, small diameter pin for Micro-Engineering, .083″ hole for Peco, 90° slender shaft for Atlas, and large pin for most other turnouts. Also includes shim plate to raise the stand to height if needed.

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