Ixion, J Class Locomotive, HO Scale



Coal, footplate edge black: J506, J507, J519
Coal, footplate edge red: J500, J515, J525
Oil, footplate edge black: J535, J554, J556
Oil, footplate edge red: J541, J544, J549.


PRODUCTION RUN TOTALS: 600 x coal burners (1 preserved); 700 x oil burners (2 preserved); 200 Un-numbered (100 of each, may come with an included J Class numbers decal sheet).

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VR’s last class of steam loco. The original order was for 50 locos which was increased to 60 after the VR sold 10 N class locos to S.A.R.

They were a more modern, gauge convertible K class with a high pitched boiler and wide firebox for possible gauge conversion. By the time they were delivered, dieselisation had commenced, thus condemning these unremarkbale locos to a short life. Cowcatchers were removed from mid 1966.

The first 30 (500 – 529) were coal burners, the last 30 (530 – 559) were oil burners. They saw service all over the state in secondary service.

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