KATO, 10-031, Shinkansen E5 ‘Hayabusa’ E6 ‘Komachi’ Double Track Starter Set, N Scale


KATO, 10-031,Shinkansen E5 ‘Hayabusa’ E6 ‘Komachi’ Double Track Starter Set, N Scale

– Train equipped with working head and tail lights
– Label on the Power Pack is written in Japanese (Power, Direction, Stop) and only works at 100 volts
– Layout size is 1597mm x 853mm

Commercialize a higher-grade introductory set that can enjoy two trains of E5 series “Hayabusa” and E6 series “Komachi” at the same time on a double-track line, and a double-track starter set.
With the endless of PC sleeper double track with cant and 2 power pack standard SX, and a luxurious total set with vehicles, you can immediately enjoy the passing operation of two trains and the combined operation that can be seen in the actual vehicle.
You can expand the track plan as you like by combining various track sets and structures.

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