KATO, 10-897, JR 923-3000 Dr Yellow Track Testing Train 4 Car Add on Set, N Scale


10-897 923 form 3000 series 4 both hematopoiesis set The 923 form 3000 T5 organization, commonly known as “doctor yellow”, is a “TOKAIDO Sanyo Shinkansen, a Shinkansen electric track comprehensive test car collecting basic data for line maintenance, and is popular as a yellow Shinkansen. KATO, such as to reproduce in the lighting ceremony a “test measurement for the projector” to illuminate the pantograph for measuring the overhead line inspection, has decided commercialized realistic and accurate.

Main features. The 923 3000 series (T5 formation) that appeared based on the 700 series Shinkansen was manufactured in 2005 (2005). It reciprocates between Tokyo and Hakata several times a month and inspects electrical facilities and track facilities to support safe transportation. The prototype of the 3000th T5 formation belonging to JR West Japan and the details different from the T4 formation belonging to JR Tokai (production of the antenna of No. 7 car, jack-up hole, roof colour etc.) are accurately captured and commercialized  Characteristic Precise reproduction of paintings with unique colours Accurately reproduce the observation dome and inspection equipment on the roof unique to the test vehicle, which is arranged everywhere on the vehicle body  “Testing installed near pantographs of cars 2 and 6 Reproduces the projection projector by lighting system.  Headlights/taillights of the leading car different from the usual 700 series express two color headlights with different colour tones.

E5 series “with the restoration function at the connection part The easy-to-use holo coupler similar to Hayabusa is used. The side window expresses the state where the roll curtain is applied to reproduce the figure of the actual vehicle at the time of surveying running. Equipped with the reputed flywheel mounted power unit. 3 Both basic sets are paper boxes, 4 cars Binding set at 7 both bookcase type, it can accommodate a three-car basic set

DCC friendly Optional option. LED room light clear Part number: 11-211.  LED room light clear (for 6 cars) Part number: 11-212

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