NCE, 524-225, EB1 Circuit Breaker


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Provides short circuit protection for a single power district. Can be used with any DCC command system, 2.5 to 8 amps.

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  • All Solid State Operation: No relay
  • Boost for Low Power Systems: Helps reset low power output systems
  • Over Voltage Protection: Over voltage protection on the track caused by a DCC system failure or other power inputs
  • Adjustable Range of Current Trip Setting between 2.25 to 8.0 Amps
  • Manual or Automatic Reset: Automatic reset of the breaker after 2 seconds, Switch or Accessory Command can be used for manual reset
  • Power On/Off by DCC: Turn on/off output track power with your DCC throttle
  • Output for LED Indicators: LEDs can be used to monitor the power and status
  • System Reset: A single command sets all CVs to original EB1 factory values

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