Noch, 24622, Mixed Forest, O/HO/TT Scale


Shiver Me Timbers!

The “Mixed Forest” is ideal for recreating high-quality, realistic landscape scenes in a model landscape. There are a great many forests in real life, and they should not be missing on a model landscape either. Whether they’re deciduous trees, firs, spruces, larches or Mediterranean trees, the most varied tree species make a landscape scene even more realistic and idyllic. Forest animals seek shelter under the tall trees and people stroll through the dense forest when the weather is nice. Recreate idyllic nature scenes with the “Mixed Forest” among the Standard Trees and provide a real eyecatcher on your layout.

The plastic Deciduous Tree spruces are handpainted and flocked with specially developed, realistic flock. The Fir Trees are decorated with a special, realistic-looking needle flock.

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