NSWGR ARX Cement Wagon


Highly detailed Ready-to-Run HO scale model

Injection moulded high quality plastic body

Full brake rigging and underfloor detail

Etched brass details and roof walkways

Semi scale metal rimmed wheels

Genuine Kadee scale couplers

18” Minimum radius recommended

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50 of these aluminium hoppers were built by Commonwealth Engineering in 1968-69 for cement traffic. They were number 33301 to 33350 and fitted with Lower hung clasp brake bogies. The wagons feature three circular filling ports, with a hinged lid, arranged along the wagon centreline. Gravity discharge is via four equally spaced floor hoppers with horizontal sliding doors. They carried cement product within NSW and were generally marshalled within mixed goods trains, however by the mid to late 70s gravity discharge of cement product was being phased out due to dust complaints. They were then used to carry other mineral products and later wheat and barley.

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