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NSW Supplementary Interurban Car

Faced with an aging fleet that no longer suited its’ needs the NSW Railways rebuilt some of their older 72’6″ mainline passenger cars in the mid 1970’s to a more modern design.

They removed the old style compartments and moved the centrally located passenger door to the end of the car to make a higher capacity car for interurban use.

Older style cars were converted from 1976 and some lasted in service until 1990 on the NSW network. 3 cars were lost in the 1977 Granville accident which necessitated renumbering of some cars and introduction of other cars.

Initially painted Deep Indian Red these cars were repainted to the new corporate Candy Stripe scheme from 1982 onwards.

All up 24 cars were converted to Supplementary Interurban use and the NSW Railways referred to them as collectively as MUB Cars.

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This is the 3rd batch of Aluminium Coal Hoppers to be called CH. Tullochs of Rhodes produced 100 of these hoppers from December 1969 to November 1970.

The 3 door ‘Clam Shell’ design was unique to this hopper, and they were numbered from 33151-33250.

The first 4 hoppers (33151-33154) had a trial new logo for the NSWR, a yellow background with a black stylised ‘R’ with NSW written vertically within the ‘R’.

It doesn’t appear that this was successful as later on another 4 hoppers (33201-33204) were chosen for a revised design, being a white background with a red ‘R’.

No other hoppers in this batch had this logo applied.

On Track Models is producing 2 packs of 4 models, each pack represents each version of trial logo.

While the Railways evaluated the new trial logos on the first 4 hoppers produced, Tullochs produced another 46 hoppers (33155-33200) before the second trial logo was introduced.

Tulloch manufactured a further 46 hoppers (33205-33250) thus completing its contract with the NSWR.

None of these 92 hoppers had any logos applied other than the usual code boards.

They have been used throughout NSW on Coal Traffic.

These hoppers retained their CH code until the 4 letter re-codings of the 1980’s.

On Track Models produces 3 packs of 4 models based on these wagons.

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