Oxford, 76TR6004, Triumph TR6 Black, OO Scale


For its fourth outing, it comes in arguably the most striking colour of all – black with red interior upholstery, a tan dashboard and masses of gleaming chrome. The TR6 badge sits prominently in the middle of the slim radiator grille while the offside rear edge of the boot carries the Triumph Overdrive badge.

Registered UKE 540H from 1969/70, our 1:76 scale open topped roadster represents the all-British sportscar made by the Triumph Motor Company in Coventry between 1968 and 1976. It was hailed as the most successful car they had ever produced in terms of appearance, performance and technical capability; yet of the 92,000 produced, just over 8000 were snapped up by the home market. So saying and not surprisingly, many still exist today given lots of TLC by their proud owners.  Its British pedigree is emphasised by the addition of the Union Flag behind the rear wheel arches with TR6 printed vertically in the middle of the flag.

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