Roco, 61475, Steam locomotive T3 and passenger cars, K.P.E.V. HO Scale


Roco, 61475,

Steam locomotive T3 and passenger train of the Royal Prussian State Railways.

The passenger train consists of one steam locomotive of the type T3, one 2nd/3rd class passenger coach, two 3rd class passenger coaches and one postal / luggage coach.

■ Authentic and finely detailed train of the K.P.E.V.
■ Dual front headlights
■ Classic model from the FLEISCHMANN range

The Royal Prussian State Railways, abriviated K.P.E.V, was supplied very early with the steam locomotives of the type T3. The type T3 locomotives were triple-coupled tender locomotives, which reached a top speed of around 40 km / h. They were ideally suited for the use on branch lines. The locomotives did not only operate for the Prussian State Railways, since more than 1300 locomotives had been produced by Henschel.

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