Woodland Scenics, ST14403, Hot Wire Foam Cutter 240v (Australia/NZ)


RoHS Compliant 240v

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RoHS Compliant

CAUTION: Some foam products such as polyurethane foam may emit toxic fumes when heated.

  • Use in ventilated area.
  • Use transformer included with this package.
  • Do not leave Hot Wire Foam Cutter on for an extended period of time. Transformer may overheat.
  • Do not touch Wire while Cutter is on. Wire may cause burns.
  • Be careful when using Hot Wire Foam Cutter near flammable material or in areas where explosive gases may be present.
  • Do not apply to a single contact point for an extended period – heat may be conducted to combustible materials that are not in sight.
  • Allow Wire to cool before storing Hot Wire Foam Cutter.
  • Unplug Hot Wire Foam Cutter after use.

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