We received news from our friends at ‘Wuiske Models’ that their Queensland Rail OLO Tanker Wagons are getting low in stock now. They are unlikely to get a re-run, so they will be hard to find for the for-seeable future. This included both the 12mm HOn3.5 narrow gauge and the 16.5mm standard Ho scale track gauge.

We have available 12mm varieties but they can be changed to 16.5mm bogies very easily with a pack of Wuiske Bogies.
It’s great to see that Queensland Rail modellers are finally getting a range of Ready to Run models in such a variety, when barely 2 or 3 years ago, it was not possible.
Check out the ‘Wuiske Models’ range at http://www.wuiskepromotions.com.au/

Also, we stock a variety of Wuiske Models products in store, but we can order anything he has in stock and have it in store as required.


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